Other Ministries

These ministries play operational roles as ‘Ministry of Works’ of the zone. It maintains the churches equipment, building, electrical and other facilities owned by the church.

The Ushering unit is sub-divided into cleaning/ushering/car park sub-units. The duties of members of this unit involves maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the church auditorium and other facilities within the premises, maintaining internal securities during services, etc.  Intending members with are welcome.

This unit maintains all electrical installation and fittings of the churches. The Generator room is directly under their supervision as well maintenance of all sound system equipment. Interested members with or without technical knowledge of electricity/electronics who want to work in this unit are welcome.

The media unit keeps activities of the zone and her services in visual, audio or audiovisual formats. It also gives adequate publicity to the activities of the zone. Video and mp3 audio formats of all church services will be available for purchase soon. Intending members with are welcome.