Foursquare Women International (FWI)

Foursquare Women International (FWI) is the international association of Foursquare Women which is has the vision of raising Godly women to build christian homes. The Lugbe FWI is linked with all the levels of leadership from the national under the leadership of the President. The FWI has been modeled to a group that has impacted women lives and their homes. The major programmes of the FWI in Lugbe include:

Annual retreat of FWI

June rally of FWI, National

Mothers’ day and ‘Big ‘M’ where new members are admitted into the group.

Membership of the group are drawn from Christian women in the church majority of whom are married. In Lugbe zone, the FWI has her own choir, Drama team, choreography unit etc that minister during her programmes.

If you are married and want to become a member, fill the FWI Membership form below