Welcome to the family

Whether you were directed or you enter here in the search for a bible believing church and a family of God. It gladdens my heart to welcome you into the Foursquare family. In this family, we believe and know that God loves you and thus cares for you. We know that God’s value of you is the ultimate price paid […]

The Church is not close down but the building.

Due to the pandemic the government have to pronounce lockdown which might not go well with many. But we can look at how this can help build and be a platform for us as believers to preach and teach what we have been taught in the church for donkey years. Around the first millennium below is the record of similar story: […]

Prayer – 16th April, 2020

FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH LUGBE II(Chapel of Possibilities)Plot 476 2nd Avenue F.H.A, Lugbe-AbujaHOUR OF POSSIBILITIES THURSDAY APRIL 16, 2020 TEXTS: Isaiah 53:4&5; Matthew 15:13In the book Isaiah we read, Jesus has borne our grief and carried our sorrow. Remember our life verse in Hebrew 4:12; the Word of God is living and powerful…(NKJV). Let us anchor our prayer on the Word […]

BE HEALED by Canton Jones

He was wounded for our transgressionsHe was bruised for our iniquityThe chastisement of our peace was upon HimAnd with His stripes we are healedBless the Lord oh my soulAnd forget not all His benefitsWho forgiveth all my iniquities andWho heals all my diseases In Jesus’ name be healedIf you have faith yeah, be healedIt’s yours, it’s yours, be healedIt’s yours, […]

HAPPY EASTER – Children Coord.

Good morning Beloved. How are you and the family? We bless God for another Easter period. We are ever grateful to the Sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST that brought us salvation and hope of eternal life. Let’s take our children through these power point presentations to help them understand the message of the cross. As we trust God to minister to […]

Don’t be another Kelvin! – Pastor Emori

Have you reached out to someone during these lockdown?Don’t be another Kelvin! This was the Circulated Photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die so it can feast on her.It was taken by Kevin Carter, a prolific photojournalist, during the famine of 1993 in Sudan.This photo later won Kevin the Pulitzer prize for an ‘exceptional’ caption. […]


Truly, the world is facing a trying time, but you should know that Christ is above all viruses and infectious diseases. Thus don’t panic or feel confused. Endeavour to wash your hands and sanitize it with hand sanitizer as recommended by health organizations. We are believers living in human body which means we need to take care of the body […]


TEXTS: 1 Kings 18:21,30; 2 Chronicles 33:15,16; Leviticus 6:8-13; Luke 18:1. With the global pandemic of corona-virus, there is need to re-organize and re-energize your altar of praises, prayers and perusal/study of the Word. Do not be apprehensive of this trying period, but desire to approach God daily. Incidentally from all we are hearing, corona virus cannot survive high degree […]

Welcome to A.D. 2021

Message from the Zonal Superintendent – Rev. Adeniran Adeyeye As individual Christians and as a Church, God has given us open invitation to approach and access His presence in the place of fellowship. What a privilege we have! Our God answers prayers (Psalm 65:2) and this should gladden our heart and motivate us to pray the more. John Wesley said, […]