Welcome to A.D. 2021

Welcome to A.D. 2021

Message from the Zonal Superintendent – Rev. Adeniran Adeyeye

As individual Christians and as a Church, God has given us open invitation to approach and access His presence in the place of fellowship. What a privilege we have! Our God answers prayers (Psalm 65:2) and this should gladden our heart and motivate us to pray the more. John Wesley said, “God can do all things but will not do some things unless someone ask him.”

As we ruminate over the past year (2020), we indeed have reasons to be thankful to God for fulfilling His DIVINE ALL-ROUND SUFFICIENCY upon our lives and in other areas. To Him alone be the glory, the honour, the praise and the dominion in Jesus name.

It is important to remind us that oftentime God does things in our life and situation in response to our prayers. In essence, prayer is the priceless, precious, potent, powerful, promising and proven privilege which God has given us as His heirs and joint heirs with His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through prayer (prayer of faith) that we attract the blessings of salvation, healing, deliverance, promotion, church growth, successes and other breakthroughs. Through prayers, we break the strongholds of the enemy and assert our authority in Christ.

What are your goals and expectations in 2021? What are your fears, your worries and in what specific areas are you seeking divine intervention in this New Year? God is inviting you to the altar of prayer – where burdens are exchanged for blessing and pains exchanged for pleasure.

Beloved people of God, as we take the journey together in this year of GREAT ABUNDANCE, be determined to pray – unceasing, unwavering, consistent, focused and committed prayer. I trust God to give you resounding and uncommon testimonies.

May God reward everyone of us as we individually and corporately seek the face of God everyday.

God bless you all.

Rev. Adeniran Adeyeye, Zonal Superintendent.

Rev. Adeyeye Adeniran